The World in Which We Live

This page contains some background information you might want to know before reading the attached journals. While I will do my best to write in such a manner as to not force a reader unfamiliar with Dwarf Fortress (DF) to constantly have to refer back to here, sometimes I may forget. So, here is the setting in which the stories take place.

The Strangled Land

First, the dwarven name for the universe as a whole is Boldolxah, which means “The Cyclopean Dimension. The part of the world in which these stories take place is called “The Strangled Land” and, more specifically, the area in which this fortress is attempting to be established is called “The Harmonious Jungle.” Pleasant, right?

There are two dwarven civilizations in The Strangled Lands, The Full Diamonds and The Mountainous Tools. There are also known to be 10 human civilizations, 10 elvish civilizations, 9 goblin civilizations, and 10 kobold civilizations.

In the center of the map there’s a large, impassible mountain range known as The Skewered Spikes. The Full Diamonds are mainly on the northern part of the south-west side of this mountain range, and the Mountainous Tools are mainly on the other side of the mountains.

The Full Diamonds
The Mountainous Tools

These maps show the main fortresses of each dwarven civilization as dark blue [omega] symbols. I should also note that these maps were drawn as of the year 399, and may be slightly inaccurate depending on how far our story has gotten when you view them.

The dwarven calendar of Boldolxah may not be what you’re used to. Dwarves have 4 season, and 3 months per season. However, the months are named after stone. I will do my best to try to relate dates by season as well as date, so that this might be less confusing.