A Worse Fate

Miasma spreading from the corpse of the emu

It appears I am not going to die just yet. Laying on the only bed we made I spent many nights with my lucid nightmares, choking on the foul stench of a rotting emu corpse, calling out to Äs to take pity on me and end my life. She did not see fit, however, to grant this request. Instead, she came to me in one of my nightmares.

I lay unconscious, wounded

I was in a desert when the ground shook and broke apart. Pieces of earth drifted apart in a magma sea. I clung to my floating island as I watched my friends drift away from me, each on their own island. However, one remained. Dôbar was barely still within sight when she began to call out to me.

The many wounds of Dôbar the carpenter

It was at this point that I heard another voice. This new voice was sweet and untroubled. She said to me that she wanted me to live and would not let me die now. I begged for death to come swiftly but she said “You’re fate is not yet the release of death, but to give the gift of death to others who’s fates are worse.”

Just then Dôbar’s voice could be heard at a great distance, calling out for mercy. I do not know when the dream ended and I woke up, the distinction between that prophetic dream state and reality was not easily felt. (Am I still dreaming, even now?) Regardless, Dôbar’s voice in the dream did not stop, even as I woke.

When I realized that her voice was, in fact, still echoing on the snow-covered mountainside, I had a moment of hope beyond hope. Had she also not succumbed to her injuries? My hope was shattered almost as quickly as it had come when I realized that it was not Dôbar herself calling out in the wilderness, but rather her corpse as she roamed in search of flesh.

Dead no longer
Attempting to build doors in a sorry state

A panic filled my mind and I made hasten to construct some doors from the wood of a tree that was felled prior to our demise. I needed some sort of defence, even if it was just a locked door. Why this had not occurred to me before now I don’t know, but I found it excruciatingly difficult to construct anything with just one good hand.

I don’t know if I will be able to finish or not before the corpse of my friend finds me. I just wish this emu skeleton would stop mocking me.

– Mistêm Kanzudber